Info on Neurotransmitters….and other stuff

If anyone is interested in learning more about neurotransmitters, I found the following link to be comprehensive in it’s range of info. There is a lot of reading but only a little of it is technical.
I really wanted to just post the diagram about halfway down the page that illustrates the way neurotransmitters (and what they do) overlap via 3 overlapping circles (i know that kind of chart has a name but I cant remember it) so, if you look at nothing else on this page – look at that chart. About half way down – 3 overlapping circles, ok?

That is just one page of almost endless pages to be found. There are many that are over simplistic, many that are too technical.
But it depends on your own level of interest and understanding as well.

Don’t forget, I studied Psychology and so had some prior knowledge. I also did a lot of self helpy reading over the years including a book called “Burned Out and Blue”, which discussed adrenalin burn out. And I have already researched vitamin and mineral supplements due to my FMS. Plus I have many allergies. I am happy to pass along info on my blog but the selections of supplements etc I make are based on me and my body and my symptoms. They won’t be suitable for everyone.

I’ve had a……day of flash floods today. Floods of tears that is. But it’s ok. I know that with the withdrawal down to one tab every other day, i am likely to be a bit….waffy….delicate, maybe. And the first one was that, I reckon. And that’s fine. I expect it. Later on, it was just plain genuine emotion. And that too is ok.
I can feel a few strange looks already…

It’s ok …..because it hasnt left me feeling like the world is ending, you know?
The feeling hit me, and it hit hard, and i let it go. I let it out. I expressed how I felt because i couldnt keep it in.
It was a non fuzzy, clear headed, precise and easily articulated emotion. And that… a good thing.

It hit hard but it didnt pull me under. It hurt but it didnt destroy. It was precise, not just a tangled mess of blurgh.
Anyone know what i mean here?

My Littlun stuck her head round the door to see what was wrong and we talked for a bit. She told me I had been different since they had altered my meds last year after the car crash.

I hadnt realised that.

She said i had been a bit stand-offish (eek!!), and quicker to anger. Ahhh – well, there’s that feisty bit of me again. And there was a lot of stress back then. BUT – I see what she meant. I’ve dealt with stress without meds before….and not been like that.
I explained to her how I have been feeling about these meds too – as if I just cant get them out of my body quick enough. As if they are …..wrong!!!

So – today I started taking the first of my natural neurotransmitter boosters. They are mahoosive!!! Pills for giants!!!
And its going to take time. I know this. This isnt an easy fix. But it has to be better than drugs which just recycle 2 neurotransmitters. That are prescribed based on an ASSUMPTION that those are the ones that are messed up.
I’ve done the assessments the gp’s do. And there are so many pertinent questions that they do not ask. But i guess thats what psychiatrists are for….if you can get to one. I still havent had a call back.

I selected these supplements because they serve more than one function in the body, as some of them do.

But I also had a chat with the lady in the shop who let me look at her reference book which detailed uses, functions etc of everything this particular brand – Solgar – produced. It confirmed what was in my head and my notes.

I didnt get the combined amino acids because it contained lots i had never heard of, and only 1 from my list *sigh*.

So – it all begins in earnest now.

Music/being creative every day/supplements – check

Next to add in are a couple of simple things:

Fragrances – so incense maybe, or my scented candles i got for xmas.

Mindfullness – a friend reminded me of this recently. She has found it very helpful. And years ago i set about trying to incorporate it into my life as part of being a Pagan. There is loads of info on the web, but try not to be drawn into the airy fairy stuff. Its basically very simple.

We all tend to do stuff on autopilot. Especially chores. Or things that we don’t HAVE to think about doing. So we talk on the phone while making dinner or we eat while watching tv etc etc etc.
Being mindful is about actually absorbing yourself in one thing at a time. Being mindful of what you do.
It would be impossible to do everything that way. But ….for instance….that morning cup of coffee. DONT read the news online or check FB or your forum or slurp it between shovelling food into lunchboxes for the kids. If and when you can make and drink that coffee mindfully. Use your favourite cup or mug. Your fave brand of coffee.  Inhale the smell and savour it. Watch the steam as it rises off the top. Just focus on that for 30 seconds or so. Feel the heat as you cup your hands around the mug. Breathe in the fragrance before you take your first sip. And make it a sip, not a gulp so you really taste the flavour. Feel the warmth on your tongue and as you swallow.
Be mindful of that cup of coffee!!! It’s a whole different way to experience absolutely everything and anything. From waiting for a bus to getting dressed; from eating your boring lunch to having a shower. You name it, you can be mindful of it. And its kinda cool too.
In the past I found it to be grounding, uplifting, relaxing to the point of sleepiness, stress reducing, calming and humbling. Depending on what i was doing.

But the point is it
A. Slows you down, even if just for a few minutes
B. It actively uses your senses.
C. It takes you out of yourself – again, even if its just for a few minutes
D. It reminds you of stuff you probably either take for granted or just dont notice anymore
E. Its meditative

Try it – what have you got to lose?

I am writing from my phone tonight. I think we have a solution to the pain in my wrist from using the small keyboard one handed so much over the last few months. It’s not perfect, but its helping!! It’s a pen length stylus 🙂 how simple a solution is that?
I really dont fancy another steroid injection into my joint and my phone is my main contact to the outside world – sad as that might be – so this is looking promising.

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