Brain Re-balance Attack Plan (and other stuff)

The more I read – the more all this makes sense to me. But I must stress before I go any further, that it makes sense to ME, and my own personal situation. Everyone is different, with different health (mental and otherwise) issues and just because I am attempting to do things my way, doesn’t mean you should too.

There is masses of information out there online, and I have looked beyond any ‘pop psychology’ where possible, but a lot of what I have learned recently just ties in with a lot of what I already knew from research years ago.  And it really is quite complicated for me to try and explain. There is a very complex relationship between our neurotransmitters, the hormones required for these to be produced, other hormones that are unbalanced in the body, and what we put into our bodies in the form of nutrition.

This for me is a big part of what I am attempting, because I have NEVER eaten fish/seafood/nuts or seeds. And what comes from them? Omega oils. What does the brain need to be healthy?  Omega oils.

And that is just part of it.

There’s 3 types of Omega oils – 3,6,9. But within 3 – there are 3 types *sigh*

Its true that I must have been getting omega oils from elsewhere in my diet – eggs for instance, BUT – I am looking to rebalance a big imbalance, so I need lots of them. In supplement form. Can I find a supplement source of omega 3 by itself that isnt from Fish in some form or another? Or nuts? NOPE.  So, in many ways, I am just going to have to wing this and hope for the best.

But, for instance, when I saw the endocrinologist about my Vit D3 levels. He asked me if I had suffered aches and pains as a child or teenager, and I had. I was in and out of hospital outpatients for years being poked and prodded and tested and they concluded I ‘must have rheumatism’.  I had stopped growing by age 12 you see. Apparently that was due to the asthma meds. So it wasnt ‘growing pains’.

Then at the age of 45 my endocrinologist turns round and says I have probably been vit D3 deficient all my life, and chances are it runs in the family. Indeed – other members of my family were found to be deficient – did their drs take it as seriously as mine, who has started testing more people with FM symptoms for it?? No, they bloody didnt!!

Because in this country NUTRITION seems to be some kind of non-event. I got sent to a dietician after my second diagnosis of fish and nut allergy (a gp didnt believe me ffs) but all she could do was quote the calorie intakes and fat/protein/carb ratios at me. Which are also ludicrous by the way. Please dont get me started on the BMI Rarrr!!!!!!

By nutrition I mean those itty bitty bits of nutrition that most of us probably never hear about until ‘fashion’ brings them to our attention.

It’s so easy to say – just eat a healthy balanced diet – but do any of us really, I mean REALLY, know what that is anymore?  If we could step back in time 30 years we might stand a chance to really eat locally produced, fresh seasonal food. Because from what I can tell, that’s about the only way.

And my diet is very restricted anyway. So, supplementation it is for me.

And flaxseed oil I can tolerate,, so its 6 capsules a day of that. 6 of vit d3 – doubling up def makes a difference. And a mega strength woman’s multi vit and mineral.

I started stage 2 of my cymbalta withdrawal – which was to lose the 30mg every other day, and every time I stood up my body wanted to fall over. This is going to be tougher than I thought, so I have upped the omegas.

But guess what ? I managed a whole 7 days without a single migraine symptom. Until I watched an hour of TV and got the flashy lights. That seemed to cause it to flare up a bit, but not as bad.

I am also drinking only 1 cup of coffee a day and eating less chocolate – simply because I dont want to eat it as much as I did. For me, chocolate was a food group, so this is big. It could just be a phase…..but, then again…..

But I have to be patient. Nothing is going to be fixed in a few weeks, not after years of imbalance, so I have to be patient.

That’s not easy when I have days like I did yesterday though. Everyone was out at work all day, and I had 2 things planned to do. But, the day was just a non-event. It might as well of just not happened for me. I just sank lower and lower as the day went on.

My sleep pattern is screwed again.

OK – dopamine. At its simplest it is the reward/motivation neurotransmitter. It is present when we do things that feel good. When we dont have enough, such as after a period of prolonged stress, we feel tired – emotionally/mentally and physically; we lack motivation; we seek stimulants such as coffee, nicotine, sweet and fatty foods, we don’t ‘feel’, we cant concentrate or focus.

So – coffee, down to one cup. Nicotine – I have my vaping. Chocolate…..

I am listening to music every day – whether I feel like it or not. Time was  I got well grumpy if I didnt have music for a couple of days. At my worst this year even my favourite songs were just noise. I’m at the stage now, where I can take it or leave it, unless I NEED a particular song to hit the spot. But I figure, this way, at some point, shuffle on my ipod will give me a song that finds a place inside me and makes me feel – and I will be rewarded. Are you with me?

I am making something – or doing something crafty or creative every day – whether I want to or not. Today I started something for a birthday present. I learned a new way of doing it which made reading the complicated pattern so much easier – I was rewarded.

And when my eldest finally digs her old lappy out that has word on it, I will write every day – transferring all my poems and short stories onto word docs for my other blog. A job that needs doing. Not an immediate reward maybe – but it’s been so long since I wrote anything new………….apart from here………..maybe it will get those sluggish brain cells going again.

There are longer term ‘plans’ but they involve leaving my hermitage for longer periods and there’s not many things or people I’d do that for at the moment.




Soundtrack for this post:

Kubb – Grow/Plain White T’s – hey There Delilah/Linkin Park – What I’ve Done/ Stranglers – Skin Deep/Face to Face – The Devil you Know/Linkin Park – Crawling/Staind – Inside/Yazoo – Only You/Coldplay – Trouble/Animals – House of the Rising Sun/Cranberries – Dreams/Staind – Epiphany/Cheryl Cole & Will.I.Am – Three Words/Linkin Park – Easier to Run/Teardrop Explodes – Treason/Cocteau Twins – Pandora/Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy/



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