It Takes The….erm….Biscuit

It really does.
Remember in my last post, I told you the mental health system in the UK is broken?
Remember how I was given the wrong information from the crisis team and the number they told me to phone to make an appointment to see a psychiatrist for better meds? And then found out that the people at the end of that number had also given me the wrong info and was advised by another chap at the crisis team to see my gp – and what a joyful experience that was?
Well… envelope came through the post today. From my gp. Its a printed form telling me how to make my own appointment (fair enough) giving me a reference number and password to quote (ok, this is cool), 3 options to find out more info – phone/textphone/internet ( okayyy, website just explains the system) and then a phone number to call……the same number the crisis team gave me.

FFS!!!!  I saw the crisis team because I had had enough. I am now almost 2 wks further on and back to where i started thanks to nhs employees not knowing their arses from their elbows.
Its a bloody good job I am rational about my suicidal inclination because seriously – this could easily tip someone over the point of no return.

But then, I suspect the very fact that I am rational means i get left to my own devices. I told the crisis team people I spoke to that I suspected it would be the same as it is in UK schools. 2 kids can have learning difficulties that effect their education, self confidence and self esteem. But you can bet your life that its the kid who also has behavioural issues that gets all the time, money and support. The quiet kids, often with quiet parents, struggle just as much but they do it alone. They arent priority and its a fucking disgrace.

Me? I’m old and irrelevant anyway. But surely I deserve to have so called professionals who know how the system works in the first place?

It makes you wonder about not only the level of competence you are going to encounter in your treatment, but also the levels of intelligence these people have. True – a psychiatrist is going to be very well educated so should be a safe bet…..BUT I HAVE TO GET TO THEM FIRST!!!!

I sobbed when I read the letter. No wonder my gp posted it instead of phoning me to discuss it – as it says should happen – that the options should be discussed between the referring dr and the patient. Pah!!

It really brought my mood down. And I cant sleep tonight for thinking about the phonecall I have to make tomorrow (later today)

Today is also American Independence Day.

And tis also the birthday of my ‘adopted’ daughter, and the day of her Prom 🙂

A parcel was posted today, special delivery, for her, with gifts including something I made for her to wear in her hair on Prom night. I do hope she likes it. I will post a piccy when I know she does lol.

Happy Birthday, Petal, have a wonderful day, an amazing night, and next year you may well be at a festival 😀

Lots of love xxxxx

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3 Responses to It Takes The….erm….Biscuit

  1. pd says:

    “Me? I’m old and irrelevant anyway”
    LOL, glad you said that not me, I might have got slapped 🙂
    Did you make the call ?, got anywhere with them ?
    The system is utterly crap, people are discharged simply to reduce numbers and make it look good, then no support for them. You know something the person who sent you the letter with the ref and password probably just ticked a box to say ‘task done’, so many ticked boxes means a good performance review from their boss at end of year. So many box tickers around these days who dont give a fuck for whats really happening


    • Moongazer says:

      I did ring. And guess what? Someone will ring me back. I asked why and was told “to make the appointment” in a tone that suggested i was stupid.
      She went on to say thank you so i interrupted her and said “is that it?” And she said “yes. Thank you. Bye”

      So no explanation of the procedure or what to expect.
      I repeat – its a good job i am calm.
      I agree pd – patient care no longer really exists. It is a concept expressed via facts and figures and they dont include the people the system fails


      • pd says:

        So your phone call was effectively an appointment to make an appointment and your not yet on the waiting list so that makes figures look better, see what a cynic i am


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