It’s one of those days

Purple. Bad News. Tears. Some people remembered. And strange happenings in the house.

So it’s a Linkin Park (LOUD) day.


You want me to elaborate, don’t you?  *rolls eyes*

Oh alright then…………….the bad news is…altho my mum has recovered from what she was taken into hospital for last week, they are keeping her in and doing scans as her blood results are “all over the place”.

Tears? Yes. I cried. This time last year I had not long received a beautiful vase of flowers *sigh*

I did wake up to lots of other msgs tho 🙂

And strange happenings in the house. Yes. We have had some before now. usually when there are upheavals – like when the new bathroom was put in, and when my daughter’s boyfriend moved in. But it was a simple thing – the kettle kept switching itself on. It’s an electric kettle, and you press a little tab down and it boils. That little tab kept going down all by itself. Even when we replaced the kettle thinking it was broken – same thing.

Yesterday morning I as in bed reading, and listening to my daughter moving about in her room. Until I remembered she wasnt home. The moving about noises continued for about 45 minutes, then just stopped. It sounded just like she does walking around on her wooden floor.

Then last night, I did my usual trick of sleeping for 2-3 hours then waking for a couple of hours. I woke up, and reached for my book, and heard the lightpull in the downstairs bathroom being pulled. A few minutes later, it happened again. This continued – must have been about 20 times I heard it go.

This morning, my daughter was out at work, but the moving around noise was coming from her bedroom again. Even Rory was listening to it. She was sitting by my door and watching my daughter’s room just across the hall.

Then – the house phone rang, so I answered it, and had to hold the receiver right away from my ear! It was like static – VERY loud static, but also a lot like the sound of very heavy rain. I put the phone down. Then picked up again, as I was going to do the 1471 thing to find out who had rung – and the line was still open, as tho the person who had rung hadn’t hung up. But there was no-one there.

I dialled my house from my mobile – and got the static noise, as did my daughter when I asked her to try the line. But still no dial tone.

I called our provider from my mobile and they tested the line, and said it was fine – and it is. On the downstairs phone. I will check upstairs when I go back up.

Its all a bit spooky really.

And the purple? I have purple hair 🙂

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5 Responses to It’s one of those days

  1. pd says:

    Oh its spooky when the cats start listening and watching when you know there shouldnt be anything there.


  2. Christina says:

    I study and am apart of a paranormal group. Maybe you should try recording this? Just a suggestion. Love your blog though. I am going to be a faithful reader from this day forward. I am listening.


    • Moongazer says:

      Hi and welcome Christina 🙂
      Thank you!
      The family have all returned from their travels and everything has quietened down again. So i think maybe “the house” or whatever presence we have was missing everyone and letting me know.
      I see you have fibromyalgia too (((hugs))) I will read and follow your blog with interest as I’m sure we’ll have lots in common xx


      • Christina says:

        YAY! We can be fibro buddies! I’m already following you blog and enjoying it! ❤ When did you get diagnose with Fibro?


        • Moongazer says:

          It must be 8 years since i started with symptoms. A minor bump in the car triggered it off. The aches and pains just didnt go away. But it was hurting my back that really knocked me for 6. And then the surgery for that really knocked my FM…..


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