There is never an end to them, is there?

My mum is in hospital again. It was a medical emergency and also life threatening, albeit easily treatable. Thankfully my daughter was there and so we got regular updates.

This is one of those times when family estrangement makes life very difficult. But I accepted that my being on the fringes principle-wise would also mean in practice too, when I had to take that final step back/was shown exactly where I stood about 14 months ago.

In many ways what happened then was just a conclusion that I knew would be expressed at some point or other. I had known for many years. But it didnt stop my heart from breaking, and it doesnt stop me worrying about my mum now.

————————-Things are being replayed again. Something from almost 30 years ago, maybe, as the world proved to be very small today.
And i think I have fallen in love with a pair of shoes…of all things!!! Because I dont ‘do’ shoes as other women do. Boots, however, are a whole different story. I love boots, and if I didnt have such chunky, short legs I would own far more boots. But I have owned some wonderful boots, and I hope to again. Although I cant wear a heel anymore due to my numbness and lack of balance – i still have dreams of owning some New Rocks one day. In the meantime, I drool over the clothes and boots my eldest daughter wears as in taste and figure she is very much a mini me of my younger days. Only she is prettier and has the naturally curly hair I used to crave. But when I were a nipper the style of these had the word ‘boot’ in it….so maybe its ok to love them LOL.

Speaking of hair – the lilac really didnt last long. 2 washes and it had faded dramatically. 3 washes and you could hardly see it. So, next is purple. A nice vivid purple 🙂

My nails are currently matt black with matt silver dots. But as both my dotting tools have gone walkabout i ended up using a pencil to make the dots.  And not quite so matt as I used a top coat, but still – i am pleased with them. I have taken a dodgy photo to show demonstrate.


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2 Responses to Worries……

  1. pd says:

    sorry to here about your mum, hope she’s alright


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