Inner Worlds

The landscape inside us….so very different to the one going on around our physical skin. Well mostly.

Its a very complex thing to talk about too. When I talk of our inner landscape – when I use that phrase – I wonder – what do you think of?

Is it cerebral? Thoughts, concepts, memories, definitions, values, opinions, preconceptions, ideals?

Is it emotional? Feelings, instincts, reactions, beliefs, desires, motivations, experiences etc?

Or maybe spiritual? Our way of relating to, and with, the universe, ‘a higher power’, our ancestors, our heritage, things unseen but no less real etc?

Do you see your inner landscape as being a part of the wider world, or is it a kind of separate reality you keep hidden?

And who populates it?
Are the same people that surround you also within you? Or does your inner world include people who have passed on, but remain a part of your daily life? Or fictional characters perhaps? That you have maybe read about, or watched, and an aspect of them has left a mark on you that maybe helps you. What would The Doctor do? (for instance).

What kind of language would you use to describe your inner world? Would it be plain, matter of fact – with little differentiation from how you would describe the world around you? Or could you paint a different picture entirely? Does your inner landscape contain monsters and swamps and hidden traps? Does it depend on your mood at the time?

Maybe your inner landscape is like a house or even a village with different rooms or places you can go to depending on need or want.

That would be pretty cool, actually. If we had a problem we could go visit our inner village wise woman or Nanny Ogg for a chat to help us sort it out.

My own inner landscape is very much that – a landscape – wide and open mostly. And it’s a mix of cerebral/emotional/spiritual. It is very much separate from the world without, but at the same time heavily influenced by it – more than i would like.

It is populated with those who are important to me – both living and dead. But there are also many, many ghosts.

And it is separate from my imagination, that allows me to write, and dream and create.

I guess my inner landscape is more a part of “me”, altho it is not who i am.

Told you it was complex.

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5 Responses to Inner Worlds

  1. pd says:

    Yeh, i’d put it down as a mixture of everything, a sort of fuzzy overlapping set of everything in you and your mind, as if your travelling through it, if that makes sense.


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