They say for every feeling there’s a song……………

Which is of couurse a lyric from a Barclay James Harvest Song that I can’t remember the name of right now…….but anyway……….

Blogging hasnt been coming easy for the last 36 hours or so. Partly coz I was asleep for some of them. But I was listening to music, and after some decent rest for a change (I was awake between 4.45am and about 6.45 am then went back to sleep), I wasnt the complete cripple I expected to be today. But I really ought to be in bed now – so I shall strike while the iron is hot so to speak, and get this done quickly.

New category – Soundtrack of my life. For those odd days when words don’t cut it, but music does. Or for when I have nothing else to post about, there might just be a short post and a link here – like the one below – to my current song of the moment. Unfortunately I have to upgrade to be able to upload mp3’s, so a linky to youtube is the best I can do at the moment.

Now I have the live visitor feed I can see I have regular visitors from the USA, which is lovely *waves* hiya!!  so you guys should say hello via the comments sometime 🙂    As well as regular visitors from around the UK  *waves* helloooo!!!

In case anyone is wondering where I have been all week – I was away for a couple of days, and I do feel better for it, it has to be said. I think the fact that I slept speaks volumes for that. And I even cooked dinner tonight!  I’m still processing, I think…..coz I cant find words – which is a first for me, really. But the world around me is coming back into focus a little. It’s a start, anyway.

And to brighten up the blog a bit – here’s Mitch and Rory and some flowers 🙂

Mitch, Rory, Flowers

And linky to my current song of the moment, that I can play over and over and not get tired of – by Linkin Park. Always best listened to  thru earphones for quality

New Divide

The link takes you to a you tube video, complete with lyrics 🙂




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2 Responses to They say for every feeling there’s a song……………

  1. pd says:

    Rory needs a good telling off for not looking straight at camera


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