Oh How I have Missed Them……………

Linkin Park, that is.

I am burning myself some new CDs for the car, and putting together a Linkin Park compilation. It has been WEEKS and WEEKS since I have listened to any music, and they are one of my favourite bands……..and OH….MY…..GODS……how I have missed them. I have a splendid pair of proper earphones on (remember them – people are mysteriously walking round looking like 80’s rejects with these giant neon earphones on. Why they ever went ‘out of fashion’ I will never know!!) and my joy levels are just amazingly high at the moment. Tis a wonderful feeling.

To have music back………to feel it again………its just beyone words really.

So something must be improving, in some way.

It’s like yesterday – I am sorting things out in my room. Going through things, organising etc and I came across the little card that arrived with my gorgeous birthday flowers last year …………………and I didn’t cry.  I surprised myself on that one.

Its been ……well, almost a week actually since there were tears. I feel…………flat most of the time.

But there have been other things going on, and I have been battling terrible insomnia this week. I even tried mixing zopiclone and alcohol last night…………nope……….still only got 4 hours. Its ridiculous. When I want to sleep – its 4 hours maximum, and when I dont want to sleep I could literally sleep round the clock *sigh*. Fibromyalgia – you are a son of a bitch!!

A load of things went to the charity shop this morning – our local cat charity, so another positive. The house is nice and clean and tidy.

Bloody ATOS tho!!  I got a form from them last Tuesday or Wednesday. Today I get a letter saying they sent it on 16th April and could they please have it back by Friday. NO!!  If I had had it a month, then fair enough, but I havent – stupid people!!

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One Response to Oh How I have Missed Them……………

  1. pd says:

    ATOS, mmm, must be ESA again. A bit like the post office here taking 2 months to deliver a first class letter, this country’s a joke.


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