When Life Hands You Lemons…….Fine! But When The Universe Hands You……..

The same thing over again……W…T….F….????

I’m being serious here. Please. Suggestions in the comments box below. I look at them before they go on the blog, so if you wish them to remain private just let me know.

I spoke about this in an earlier post…about Spirals, and how if I got diverted from one path, it would some how come round again. And it has happened enough times for me to take notice and accept there is a lesson to be learned, or something I need to experience, or maybe even someone I need to meet.

But this one ….(or maybe double spiral) is defeating me. *sigh*

There have already been lessons learned in recent events. And oddly enough they confirmed me on my present course…..of slow recovery, of talking, of taking baby steps.

But this is already a repeating pattern. And another one lies entwined it.

Before – i did both things. Once I hung in there and helped. And once I helped because my childrens and my own safety required it…and then I walked away.

So obviously neither of those options did what the universe required me to do.

And that which lies between and betwixt. I said never again. It happened again and I bypassed it and I came out with some very happy memories. It happened again…….in a different way…..and I swore never again. And it happened again. In a way I found – strangely enough (if my theory was correct) – that I could accept.

HOWEVER – oh dontcha just hate these pesky little additions to the flow –  however…….when asked a particular question outright……it just went and happened again didnt it.
Laugh? Cry? A bit of both at the same time, perhaps?

Am I to conclude therefore that every single one is the same? Because …..to be honest……I havent met one yet that isnt……not a single one.  And I am talking about men in all capacities.

Is that the lesson? *shrugs*

So….the bigger ‘pattern’ then. What of that?

If sticking around and being a friend wasnt it……..and looking after me and mine and moving straight along wasnt it……then what the fook is it?

This blog post presentation has been brought to you via the soundtrack of Kitties Snoring by The Rory & Zoe Feline Duet Productions

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2 Responses to When Life Hands You Lemons…….Fine! But When The Universe Hands You……..

  1. Jayne says:

    See the pattern happening again and get out quick ? Don’t let history repeat itself ? Spot the signs and do one !!!! A lesson learnt ???


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