The Space Between

Is a song by The Dave Matthews Band. Go look it up on youtube if you haven’t heard it, and give it a listen.
It’s one of my favourites. Partly because I think the essence of the lyrics – the concept of The Space Between – just hits so many different nails on the head.

Because it is so often those moments…..those…spaces in between others….that are the ones that matter. Don’t you think?

It’s not the heat and fury of the argument…..but in the moments after the proverbial door slams behind them… that space between them being there and being gone, that significance hits.

It’s not this thought…….or that thought…….but that tiniest space between thoughts when that suppressed thought or emotion flows in – with tears…..that will not stop until they have had their say!

It’s that momentary space between waking and sleeping when reality bursts a balloon in your ear and invites insomnia over for coffee.

And between people…’s often in the things that aren’t said. The spaces between you physically can be an ocean wide gulf when only inches away if there is unhappiness. Or 200 miles can be but millimetres when there is joy.

Or the words can be spoken. And can just fall. Can just drop into the space between you, never to be heard, or felt by the other person. And then you have a bit of the old “if a tree falls in the woods……”  dilemma. I mean, if words are spoken but no one listens… they have meaning?

Of course!!  It just got lost in the space between.

It’s another way of describing a void, isnt it? Only this space isnt empty. Nooo….this one is jam packed with stuff. Whatever is appropriate at the time. Loss, regret, longing, pain, grief, fear, anticipation, uncertainty, memories, love…….the list really does go on. The possibilities are endless.

I have a few spaces at the moment. 3 – 4 weeks ago I was, at times almost completely lost to the physical world around me. Oblivious to temperature, hunger etc.
Gradually I have pulled it – and have been pulled back. But – the spaces are still there.

The spaces between waking and sleeping usually get me.  But tonight…it was the space between one text and the next, to my daughter……about plans for tomorrow. In that tiny space between our words, and my concentration, the tears came.

Maybe they wont get me in the space between waking and sleeping for a change then.

But they came. At least I am back down to tissues now, from industrial strength kitchen roll.

But I wonder when it will all stop hurting. I wonder when I will stop missing him from last year and what we had.

And there……as the reader you didnt see that space creep up on me there, did you? Between ending one paragraph and beginning the next. See how sneaky they are?!?!
But sneak it did. I got lost in that space for a while…that space between paragraphs. 

Today wasnt a quiet day. We chatted a lot today, on and off. Things in common. And a bit of a laugh too. And that’s the space I fell into, between the paragraphs. Today I was hurty, and shaky and didnt get done what I wanted to. But I felt hungry today. I actually felt hungry for the first time in weeks. I ate a delicious meal cooked by my youngest daughter. I may have cried – but I laughed too – with my daughters, with my friends and with him.

There are many spaces between……….and they are all full of something.

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4 Responses to The Space Between

  1. Jayne says:

    Beautiful ….so true …spaces , that says it all what a good description x x


  2. pd says:

    Oh thats deep


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