Ups, Downs and Sideways

That seems to  been the way of it yesterday.

Ups – I cooked – for the first time in a good while. I still hate it, mind you, but still.
Also I didnt have as much pain as I expected – always a bonus.
I was given a present of some hot chocolate flavour fudge – the melt in the mouth kind, which even has tiny marshmallows on it.
And I got my hands on something I have wanted for bloody aaaages!!!!!

Downs – I didnt get as much done as I wanted.
I have to do my hair again coz even tho I am lilac, it looks as though my hair is finally thickening up again after I lost well over a third of it, and 2 tubes wasnt enough – its a bit patchy.

There has been a quiet day and a silent day.

Sideways – these are more things that have knocked me sideways and unfortunately I have to be a little cryptic…….

First off was finding out that one of those people we ignore because they are a fucker upper has struck again and I realise now that there are no depths to which they will not stoop. Their casual evilness is astonishing.

Because one person isnt doing what they want, they are punishing someone who is, who is very close to the said non-conformist. But the only person being damaged is the one being punished who has been stopped from doing something they have been told they would ALL their lives. Something they would have done happily and gladly.
Well, the twisted individual who is playing this game will lose out in the end hecause every time they do something like this it is seen and felt. And where there has only been one non-conformist, before long there will be two.
And who knows how many more will follow.

Then there was being given something. Its always nice to be gifted with things. But imagine if among the nice stuff you found something not so nice? Something that meant you may have been …….manipulated?  Thats enough to throw you sideways a bit, isnt it?
Yeah. Me too.

And the last thing……
Click number 4 of my stargate. Oh yes. From the mouths of babes, they say. Delivered with the kind of certainty that leaves no doubt.
But a complete and full confirmation of my own feelings. I will not steal what I fought so hard to give. They will not allow it to be stolen.
To turn their words back – no, you are dead right, that is not going to happen because I wont allow it to.
You see – what I will do, I will do for good reason.

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