Of Voids and Avoidance

Just some random burblings.

A void is a space containing nothing. Sometimes used to mean an empty space left behind where something once was.

Yeah – I can relate. I have one of those.

Avoidance is something I’ve never really been very good at. The times when i have tried to avoid something, its quite quickly rushed up behind me and bitten me on the bum. Or in the wallet, or whatever.

Or the little thing it started out as got bigger…and bigger……and bigger…..until it was suddenly a mount everest I had to scale single handedly. In a time trial. Naked.

So, while things can be put off – avoidance is never a good idea. I’m sure you can relate.

Avoidance of people / topics that are uncomfortable. This one depends on who and what. But often, I just go in there like a bulldozer dressed in a clown suit. Try and disguise it with humour. It often works.

Or I will hover…..and the other person will bulldoze me……and we probably get there eventually.

But avoidance is not helpful. It does no-one any good. It allows for mountains to grow from mole hills, huge rates of interest to be applied to tiny debts,  and it creates voids that you yourself are just as likely to fall into as anyone else.

I would always rather know than guess. I would always rather deal with the truth than lies or speculation.

I am not talking about opinion here. That is something else entirely.

Avoidance is just that. You are avoiding something. You are being non-committal, indecisive, inactive, blah, meh. You are leaving the way open for things to happen. You are allowing things to happen. You are almost………maybe even subconsciously……waiting to see what happens.

So – if avoidance creates a void,  does continued avoidance keep the door open?

Answers via comments please.

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5 Responses to Of Voids and Avoidance

  1. Jayne says:

    Avoidance … Avoiding a situation is similar to putting it on hold until somebody makes the next move
    Putting on hold … A situation held in time having no ending left open waiting


    • oldmamoon says:

      Wow! That’s a kind of deep extention to the topic for this time on a Thursday!! The putting on hold bit i think really fits with what i was talking about. The next move bit……..that would be game playing in some circumstances, as the wording implies.
      It’a conundrum isnt it, really?! Because just coz you avoid something doesnt mean it will go away. No matter how you define it, or which way you look at it.


  2. pd says:

    ‘bulldozer in a clown suit’, LOL, thats good, i’ve been refered to as a bull in a china shop

    Avoidance is probably a good short term tactic but maybe not good as a long term strategy as things could get worse, eg we could have just avoided Hitler and let hime take europe as it wasnt really our problem but then things may have been worse for us ?, who knows ?


    • oldmamoon says:

      You’re a boy pd. And a scouse one at that. I doubt subtlety was ever in your vocabulary, was it? ;p lol

      I had a great reply all typed out but then my phone ate it 😦

      But basically – yis – avoidance does tend to mean things get worse – just coz you ignore it, doesnt mean it goes away. But also by ignoring something for long enough you can also miss out on good stuff. As i found out to my cost recently with a winning scratchcard. The pesky little blighter had been in my purse for…..a while, shall we say, and even tho i saw it each time i opened my purse, i just ignored it. Then when i went to cash it last week, the damn thing had expired on me. That was a fiver as well *sobs*
      Not as dramatic as Hitler, maybe, but it stung i tell ye!!!!!


  3. pd says:

    Wendy, look on the bright side, think how bad you’d of felt if that scratch card had been for say £100,000 you’d have been really pissed off


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