Recap on Happier Times

Introducing MacMunnie

This little chap, was a birthday gift for Ross in July, and given when he and his daughter came to visit in August. It was a combined effort between my sewing skills…..erm….well, my sewing…..My Littlun’s clever beard-making skills, and her boyfriends artistic skills.  And so here he is. Isn’t he splendid?


Does that not look just like the man himself? Complete with bleeding eye thumbstick and of course the rainbow coat that is his trademark, and means he can be spotted in a crowd anywhere.




The misfits T shirt – again cleverly done by Mr Bryan Maddocks 🙂 as was the face and hair and thumbstick


It even has the earring and hairline 🙂

During that same visit there was also the colouring of the beard. This took much testing and ended up with sharpie pens being used, if I remember correctly. And it faded from the purple to a lovely soft shade of pink that resulted in many comments – mostly from small children LOL as we strolled round The Deep at Hull, and then seemed to culminate in an artist wanting to paint his portrait while we relaxed on the boat at Market Harborough



I’ve already spoken briefly about the Market Harborough trip. There was a very special energy there indeed.

I am sure you can see why MacMunnie deserves a place on the blog as he is a bit of a work of art 🙂

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