Round, like a circle in a spiral; like a wheel within a wheel

Never ending or beginning……Name That Tune!!!! Please, coz i cant remember who it’s by. Tis a good song though.

I have been pondering. I know – its terrifying, isnt it? The thought of all those rusty cogs scraping together at the back of my mad brain. I know we have a can of WD40 somewhere around. Probably the same one I’ve always had. It’s like swarfega, that stuff isnt it. You know you have some – just in case. But in reality you might only use it a dozen times in your entire life. How do the companies stay in business? Probably coz there are millions of mislaid cans covered in cobwebs that people can’t find, so they have to buy new ones. They should sell them in single use sachets instead. But then they probably wouldnt make enough money.

Oh gods – where was I? Oh yes – pondering. Yis. About the spirally nature of things.
I have found that – quite often, anyway – if I have made a decision that has taken me off of a certain path, somewhere down the line a very similar opportunity will crop up again. And usually, if i dont think about it and just do it (btw i was using that years before nike lol) then it will more than likely work out for the best.

It has happened with a couple of people too. It turned out that there was at least one other time and/or place that i would have met them if a slightly different choice had been made. So obviously – it seems to me – i was destined to have that experience and meet that person.

I’ve noticed it with “issues” as well. I might have had my mind dead set against something but then a situation has cropped up and forced me to rethink it. And almost always to my benefit. Having children was one of those. I wasnt going to have any. Nor did I expect to be able to. But along came my eldest and it turns out i am quite maternal and have been a proxy mum to a fair few teenagers along the way.

I had to “get over myself” on 3 occasions for Ross *laughs* and each one was more than 100% worth it. They dont feel like compromises either.

But I have a sneaky suspicion that life is getting all spirally on me again. I can feel it in me watter as my Granny used to say.

And for some cuteness – a pic of my Zoe 🙂



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