Mirror, mirror……..number 2

Presenting, for your delectation and delight (hopefully) mirror number 2.

This was done as a boat warming gift for my beloved Bert of http://beardy-gnome.blogspot.co.uk/ for when he moves onto his boat and begins to live his dream.

I spotted the mirror itself in The Range and knew the sun design itself was a perfect choice. I then had to set about finding the right kind of ‘fire colours’ to bring it to life as I saw it in my head.

The spectrum noir pens seemed a little limited in their orange and red shades, but only in how the colours change so much on glass/mirror as opposed to paper, so I turned to Promarkers in the hope of 3 key colours to fill the gaps. I wasnt disappointed. I used Promarker’s gold, pumpkin, poppy and burnt sienna. The burnt sienna was a real surprise – it is a definite brown on paper, but on mirror it glows as a rich deep burnt orange.

And by a happy accident of how the alcohol ink dried on the glass it gives a great ‘flame’ effect.

I was quite pleased by how it turned out, but as with everything I make for other people I am usually very nervous about what they will think of it – but Bert seemed very pleased indeed, which made me very happy indeed 🙂

Anyway, here’s a picture of it – let me know what you think……

What do you think ?

What do you think ?

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5 Responses to Mirror, mirror……..number 2

  1. Teresa Owen says:

    Its gorgeous lovey. Aren’t promarkers SO much better 😀

    We both seem to be diversifying because I’m doing altered wall art at the moment and it really suits my manic style lol


    • oldmamoon says:

      Awww, thank you xxx
      I’m not sure they are ‘better’, just that the colours were spot on what I needed and available individually, which the spectrum noir pens arent – I can only get them round here in packs 😦

      You really should blog your stuff, you know – coz I for one am really interested in seeing it 🙂


  2. pauld says:

    Oh I like that more than the other one, its sort of more mystically.

    Would like to live on a boat, but cant swim and would be afraid of drowning in the night 🙂


    • oldmamoon says:

      Thank you, Paul 🙂 The mystical aspect was part of my selection process so I am really pleased it shows 🙂

      Dont let not being able to swim stop you from living on a boat, the canals are only about 3 ft deep anyway lol.


  3. Teresa Owen says:

    I promise you, promarkers are better. Maybe there isn’t a lot of difference for this, but in general terms they are. Letraset is a professional brand, whereas Speccies are made by crafters companion for papercrafts.

    As a matter of interest copics are my personal favourite but they’re more expensive. There’s also a new pen called graphtec and from what I’ve heard they are amazing and they sold something like half a million in ten minutes of launching to graphic designers and what have you.

    Then there’s Zig by kuratake. I love kuratake.

    I’m just a pen whore 🙂


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