Sometimes it’s instant. . . .

and that’s great because I get to see it 🙂 and rejoice LOL

Tonight’s great act of karmic return happened whilst on the way home during a very busy rush hour.

One of the main routes home for people is very congested at the moment due to road works on one of the other routes – the one I usually take, actually. We had crept slowly at an undetectable speed towards the junction, where normally a good third of the traffic would turn left. I could see the road ahead nose to tail with cars as far as the eye could see, and not wanting to block the junction, I held back until I was sure I would fit behind the last car to go through.

This delay of…..oooh 30 seconds caused the twat behind me to jump up and down on his horn several times as I was releasing my hand brake to move forward.

So I crept across and took my place in the long tail back. The old git behind me was forced behind another car as 2 lanes of traffic merge at this point, just to make things even more joyous.

A bit further on, this car between me and the old git, stopped to let a BMW in from a side entrance and Karma really stepped in. The BMW held back for some reason, until there was a space about 8 car lengths between us PMSL, holding the old git wayyyyy back.

Then, as we turned left to get back onto out usual route, the two cars between us continued forward, and the old git turned as I did. But I watched with a certain degree of gloating as he had to stop at a pedestrian crossing HAHAHAHAH!!!!

Karma – you are ace!!!

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One Response to Sometimes it’s instant. . . .

  1. pauld says:

    you need a trike, then a lot of people would stop and let you out :). of course not everyone, there are some gits, I now slow right down to 3-5 mph below the speed limit and just cruise along enjoying the view to annoy them.


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