It’s a long way……

From last summer til now…oh yes indeed!! In more ways than one. Major events since last August? Bad stuff first methinks. Well, apart from a financially disasterous couple of months when 2 cats needed the vets, our tumble drier died, our cooker died, the washing machine decided to play up, and the car failed its MOT, the worst was my mum. She had a nasty fall and went into hospital with a broken ankle, then she contracted pneumonia, then her kidneys failed and we almost lost her 😦 It was a horrific few months but she’s a fighter, and she had many people rooting for her, and she finally came home in December, Thank the Starry Skies 🙂

The good stuff – there’s been a fair bit of that too, which is nice, as for a change it means there is some kind of balance. Both daughters are happy in new relationships, and I am too!!!!

Let me tell you about it 🙂 Last summer I decided I had had enough of being alone, and decided to join a couple of online dating sites. What an experience that was!! LOL It seemed as though 90% of the male population aged 40 and over had fully converted to text speak as their form of written communication, hardly any had hair – whether they shaved it or were naturally bald it was hard to tell sometimes, but pictures with hair were very rare indeed. And they were either severely embittered by life’s experiences or they just wanted a quick shag. Seriously, the choices werent great.

But I did have a couple of dates – one guy was nice enough and we spent a nice afternoon drinking coffee and chatting but there wasnt that ‘spark’. Another chap, we met more than once as he has a friend who lives near me, but well….after a promising start he turned into a fully fledged git.

And so I gave up, for about a week. Then decided to give it another go. The same faces mostly, with few new ones, but one did catch my eye. This one had a ‘cheeky’ look about him from his photos, his profile made me laugh, and he was primarily looking for friends. That suited me fine, and we started chatting, first on the website, then on msn and quick chats grew into sharing our days via msn, as we went about our daily stuff, returning to the pc for more laughs. And there was a LOT of laughter. A lot of fun, as we shared music, books, experiences, discussed stuff and put the world to rights.

After a few weeks it dawned on me that this man had fast become a very good friend. He had already helped me through a very wobbly week, in a way that really did help. And after a couple of months he was fast becoming more than that to me. He was special – very, very special.

We were talking on the phone regularly as well, and one way or another, hours could fly by before we knew it. He had been a perfect gentleman. There was some flirting, but it was the emotional bond that was growing between us, until it couldnt be ignored.

To my absolute delight, he was feeling the same way, and we began to make plans to meet. And when we did, there wasnt so much of a spark, as an explosion lol. We seem to be made for each other 🙂

*happy smile*

I am happy. I am more than happy. I am in love and happy. Its the most amazing feeling 🙂 What more can I say? Oh yeah…..he loves me too xxxx

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5 Responses to It’s a long way……

  1. pauld says:

    Hell, para 3 dont paint a good picture of blokes over 40 LOL


  2. Teresa Owen says:

    What’s this problem with men with no hair? I’ll have you know bald men are sexy 😀

    But apart from that small niggle lol, you know how happy I am for you sweetheart and how much I love you xxx


    • oldmamoon says:

      I dont have a problem with men with no hair pmsl. Its just that when you are ploughing through hundreds of photos of men aged 36 upwards, suddenly from age 40, the hair is very noticable by its absence, thats all LOL.
      Love you too xxx
      ps – I have some good news for you xxxx


  3. oldmamoon says:

    Just telling it as it was, Paul 🙂 I got me a goodun tho 🙂


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