Now to the present day 

I thought I would do an update on how things are progressing with my organising aims I listed a couple of posts ago. Tis now March, and time’s a wasting.

And it’s a very sad, paltry amount actually, but here goes, *hangs head in shame*

Cd’s – located duplicates to take upstairs, and ripped them so they can also go on my ipod

Nail polish – YES !! This is organised – well about 90% organised anyway. Using a couple of very beautiful card boxes that came with xmas gifts, and a celebrations tub, they are all neatly tucked away, AND in order of preference  So favourite ones are on the shelf just above my head in their lovely boxes, and the others, plus ones I use for crafting as well as on my nails are in the celebrations tub. The remaining 10% is stuff like nail stickers and files etc, but they are all in a little basket to the side of me.

Books – well, in my room, all the books that had made themselves into little wordy mountains are now neatly lined up on the shelf – so it’s a start 

Knitting/yarn – hmmm…..not sure if this counts, but it did take me a good few hours while I was laid up resting. I was kindly gifted a large carrier bag full of metre long lengths of pure new wool, the previous owner had cut them to do tapestry, and then abandoned the project and I thought – fantastic for felting. Indeed, except that I didn’t get on with needle felting, so I spent a good few hours tying the lengths together and then winding them into balls. Almost worked my way through all of it actually, and it kept me out of mischief.

Plus of course, I have also knitted 2 more bags. One for me, in the same design as my sister’s, but diff colour and decoration, and an experiment that turned out great and has been claimed by Littlun. Also taking pics this afternoon, so more to follow……

Housework – well, no rota, but – and this is actually HUGE for me – the place has stayed clean and mostly tidy for almost 2 weeks now!!! Amazing !!! So, keeping on top of things at long last 

So, that’s a bit of an update – tomorrow – yes, definitely !!! I shall be posting again coz I am off to write it right now!!! Because in the last 8 week, the above isn’t all that has happened in my world of cats, crafts and chaos. There has been plenty of all 3 

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6 Responses to Update

  1. craftingchaos says:

    Do you felt the bags? I’ve been trying this and am only having limited success. I’ve started knitting again in the evening instead of looking at the computer because (as you know) people are enraging me and its bad to go to bed in such a state.
    I’ve even knitted a cloche hate and I have to felt it, but I’m scared LOL.

    Anyway lets have a gawp at the piccies love, I’m really interested

    love you


  2. oldmamoon says:

    Hiya you 🙂 No, I’m not felting these bags. I have made them using chenille wool. Felting is really easy actually – I felted a couple of kitty pi’s I made for the cats. Basically cat beds made in a circle, then felted – here’s the link http://media.wendyknits.net/knit/kittybed.htm I suspect they would make good beds for small dogs too 🙂

    But basically, make your item using larger needles, then stick it in the washing machine on 60 degrees with a couple of towels to add friction and wash them. When you take it out, try and dry it over something to give it shape. Not sure what I would use for a cloche hat, but I did see someone used a balloon for a rounded bag. They blew the balloon up inside of the bag then left it to dry. This might work for a hat, if you can get the balloon to be the same size as your head 🙂

    Right – off to take pics before the light goes – I will be back 🙂


  3. craftingchaos says:

    oooo look it came up with my thingy instead of my name LOL


  4. oldmamoon says:

    If I remember rightly, the pattern shapes the bed, but it helps if you can dry it around something. I couldnt find anything so just let it dry.
    I will post pics of my version, including one of Rory modelling the pie filling 🙂


  5. oldmamoon says:

    Ok – post with pictures up and ready for you to peruse 🙂 I have to dash off now to pick Littlun up – be back in a bit xxxxx


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