Oops – found this I had written and not posted – from end of January 2012

Where on earth has January gone already ? Well, for me, a lot of it has been spent in flare ups of my FM. After a busy period over xmas and new year, as usual I crashed and it took a while to feel half way human again.

We had a visit from a surveyor team about 10 days ago regarding the fitting of new bathroom and toilet, and all being well, the work should start in about 10 days time. We get new tiles – plain white, new flooring in the shower room and upstairs toilet, new sinks and toilets, but the shower will stay providing its less than 10 years old. They also redecorate – just magnolia walls – but its still a big improvement on the previous resident’s appalling taste. And the new flooring in the upstairs loo saves us from having to sort it ourselves – yay!! We chose a rather nice light blue with tiny silver and lilac flecks. The work will take about 10 days, and I suspect we are going to have very miserable kitties during that time.

The girls like to take their day time naps in my room, either on my bed or on top of my wardrobe, but for safety’s and sanity’s sake, I think its going to be best if we keep them confined to the lounge and kitchen while the work is going on. Mitch is far too nosy for his own good, and the girls will just be freaked out with all the comings and goings and noise etc.

I’m not really looking forward to the upheaval. I mean, who does? But there is a lot to do before they come, and after a day’s cleaning already this week, then the best part of 2 days in bed to recover, I can see another flare up ahead. Plus lots of early mornings for me, as they arrive at 8am each morning. I don’t do mornings very successfully anymore *sigh*

I have been busy beavering away on a late present for my sister. She asked for one about 18 mths ago LOL, and I only just got around to starting it the week before xmas. I couldn’t find a pattern for what I wanted to create, so I basically set to and made it up as I went along. Then I got to a crucial stage and was lost. And despite endless searching online and frequently calling on the great god google, it seemed as tho no-one had ever done what I wanted to do. I can’t believe that’s the case, actually, but there was nothing to solve my dilemma. So – I conjured up a plan, and put it into action. And blow me down with a feather, but it only worked perfectly – first time!!! I am VERY proud of myself indeed.

So, stage 1 is complete. It isn’t finished yet, but it’s all in hand, and progress is being made in between life in general and feeling too poorly to focus.

I was going to sit down and do some this afternoon, but washing and drying and stuff took priority, so maybe tomorrow while the girls are out, and I can put a dvd on, settle back and just get on with it.

I am taking photos of the various stages, so once it is complete I will post them up. I don’t want to do it yet, as it’s a present. But I am too proud of it to not show it off LOL

My success with the sewing machine before Xmas has inspired me to use it again, and as the hallway is almost finished (still a few door frames to gloss) and the bathroom will be taken care of, I turned my attention to the kitchen. It is currently very beige. YUK. The units are fairly neutral, as is the floor. So it can cope with brightening up. I have a lot of blue and cream accessories, and the blinds are blue and cream, so I reckon a nice pale / creamy yellow and a light sky blue are the colours to have for the walls, but as we are a while away from being able to afford paint, I have settled on making seat cushions for the dining chairs.

A quick scout around on ebay brought me an almost endless selection of fat squares, and I found one particular seller who has a beautiful assortment on sale and a few arrived last week. I still need more of course, as one fat square is only one side of the cushion, but they will have to wait now until the pennies replenish in the bank account again.

But I am really looking forward to making them, and seeing them brighten up our rather plain kitchen a little bit.

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