Happy New Year

Well, tis 2012 and on my jaunts around Facebook and the blogging world the last 2 days, there is much talk of challenges and commitments to change – New Year’s resolutions basically. And I would guess most people’s thoughts turn to things they want to change in the coming year – even if it’s only fleetingly.

One that I have seen that has been ‘on my list’ for about 5 years now, is decluttering. I am naturally a hoarder of the ‘this could come in handy’ variety. And through my perusal of Flylady over the last half decade (Gawd, that sounds like an awfully long time!!) I have come to realise that there are lots of people like me and we ‘hoard’ the same kinds of things.

The most dramatic way to declutter is to move house – in my experience – as it forces you to rethink what you take with you. And I dread to think what my loft would be like if I had lived in the same house for 25 years. Not that I am suggesting anyone move house just to declutter, more that decluttering is a happy by product of moving.

We did move just over 2 years ago, and I am still organising stuff..

So for me, my challenge of the year isn’t so much to declutter, as it is ‘get organised’. I want to be able to locate something immediately – to know where everything is – and not have to gesture vaguely and mutter “it’s over there near the doodah wotsit” (or it was last time I saw it), or turn the place upside down looking for one essential piece I need NOW!!

I want to be able to locate any book I want to read, any craft item I need to use, any particular style or size of bead I want to use etc etc. And there really is a lot of organising to do still.

Main areas are:

Beads and beady stuff
Wool and knitting stuff
Paperwork – personal and household
Nail varnishes – I got lots for Christmas and I have little stashes here there and everywhere it seems – so they need organising!!
My dressing table – still has empty drawers in which to put some of the above – yay!!
Ebay stuff – currently stuffed in the hall cupboard
Kitchen cupboards – these are generally ok, I mean tins in one, baking stuff in another etc. BUT finding things within them is a hassle.

Also – I want to have some kind of ‘rota’ for housework, so all 3 of us girlies know what needs to be done, and that hopefully makes sure it DOES get done. The girls will probably hate it, but tough!! We need it!!

So, there we have it – an open declaration of intent.

Also on my list of intentions is to do more crafty stuff – and finish it – in the hope that I can sell the odd item on ebay and then have the fun of buying more *grin*

So, there we go. This also means I have more to blog about 🙂

ps – we had a lovely Xmas 😀

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3 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. PaulD says:

    “We did move just over 2 years ago, and I am still organising stuff.”

    thats bad time-management strategy 🙂

    I’m a serious ‘de-clutterer’ on a regular basis, not much left in our house, so less to move 🙂


  2. oldmamoon says:

    Cheeky !!! Last time we moved I wasnt about to have surgery, and had the whole house sorted and organised in a week – whilst I had bronchitis as well *sticks tongue out at Paul*
    I can see your point, absolutely, Paul about having less to move, but each of us has hobbies that tend to …..erm…….grow lol Ask any knitter, beader, card maker etc and you will find the same thing – honest!!


  3. paulD says:

    Thats the advantage of internet, you can make cheeky comments and not get a thick ear :).

    I’m working on the minimalist theory, throw away everything you dont need so hardly anything to move when you do move, couldnt beleive how many boxes where up in loft. Only problem is I usually find a few months later that theres something I could have done with keeping. Oh and I wish I hadnt got rid of that trike, LOL.


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