Only 3 weeks til Christmas now, and starting to feel a bit pressured, if I am honest. I am making presents for most of the family, and some I have completed, some are part way through, but it’s the ones I have yet to start that I am worried about.

But its been difficult doing stuff for the girls because one or other of them seems to have been here most of the time recently, and today – when I am alone – my FM is playing up so much I really just want to go back to bed and sleep. I ache all over – from the tips of my little fingers to the tips of my little toes. The muscle on top of my right shoulder is so tight and bunched that my bra strap keeps rolling off it making a painful ‘tube’ on the edge of my shoulder.

I had to go out first thing to take Littlun to work – she’s had a kidney infection for almost 3 weeks now, and is on a second lot of antibiotics, and yesterday was her first day back to work after 3 days off. Bless her. But I also admire her determination to not let everyone down at the busiest time of year.

So when it started pelting great soggy flakes of snow, I couldn’t let her walk the half hour from the bus stop, not when she’s ill, so I dragged my butt out and drove. It is bitterly cold here today, and my FM does not like the cold one bit, especially if there is rain / wet involved.

But, this is how it is. I am not up to doing any housework just yet – maybe after my second dose of pills in a few hours, so what’s left for me to do ? I HATE feeling useless like this.

Well, updates – the bag is getting there. Lining is in, complete with pocket, and the curves of the bag have turned out beautifully, much to my surprise. My machine doesn’t do a ‘long stitch’ for some reason, so I had to do some gathers by hand, but now it gets complicated. Arrgghh!! Now I have to attach the band of the bag, which includes a magnetic clasp, interfacing, a ribbon and some kind of origami type folding – and I iz scared!!! Nic came home yesterday and read the instructions I had been pouring over for about half an hour and said – “like this mum” and deftly folded the band into place. *rolls eyes*. Ahhh yes, I could see it then of course. I am so much more visual now than I have ever been, and I am still trying to get used to this change in what is known as a learning style.

But, the band still needs to be done, with all these extra twiddly bits, and unless Nic has left it as she showed me I am not sure I can still ‘see’ what she did *sigh*. But I do need to get the iron out. We don’t iron if we can possibly help it – I would much rather dry things so they incur minimal creases than stand for hours at a bloomin ironing board. The tumble drier is very good for this, I might add, as is hanging things on hangers to dry. So the iron is on a high shelf in a tiny cupboard behind my kitchen door and I don’t think my arms and shoulders are up to it today. I had trouble holding a book last night 😦

You know what? I think my bed is calling me, a lie down under a warm quilt for a couple of hours might just be what I need. And no doubt I shall be accompanied by at least one furry friend in search of a snuggle 🙂

Let’s hope the snow that began this morning goes away and does not turn into this – as this pic from last year shows

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