New stuff

Its been a long time again, hasn’t it. I really must try harder – I mean part of my reasons for starting this was to kind of keep myself ‘on track’, by giving myself a commitment of sorts to fill this blog with lots of crafty stuff. Ah well.

But while I have been absent from here I seem to have developed a new interest. Its not crafty per se, but it does have artistic qualities. I have been rather taken by nail art. It all started whilst browsing on ebay for some nail envy. I spotted some nail foils and was intrigued by the idea, and found a web site Nail delights – which sells LOTS of gorgeous goodies. I bought some nail foil glue, and a black lace foil and my first attempt was a bit manky, it has to be said. However, you live and learn and my second attempt was much better.

This led to me searching ebay for all things nail arty, as well as the shops when we went into town, and Savers provided me with a pack of stickers – 3 sheets, each one different, for 99p. Yay !! I loves me a bargain!!

And the love just grew from there really. I keep meaning to photograph each artistic attempt, but only managed to do 2 so far. They aren’t the best photos in the world, but will give an idea of what I am up to. And having just recently found some blogs devoted to nail art I now know the best way to photograph pretty fingers, so will do it that way next time.

One of my favourite shops in town is Boyes – they sell just about everything from craft supplies to knickers, and they usually have a shelf full of nail polish and make up items really cheaply. I think most of them are discontinued lines and ones where the print on the packaging is a little ‘off’ but who cares when you can buy a bourjois nail polish for 89p ? And now discontinued Urban Decay nail polish for just over a quid ? Not me, that’s for sure.

Remember the brand Leichner ? I had completely forgotten it, but they must still be around as I bought a pack of 3 ‘nail art’ striping polishes for £1.49 from Boyes the other day – actually I got 2  They have really thin, long brushes so you can paint stripes on your nails. Much fun will be had with those.

So, that’s what I have been up to recently – amidst all the usual chaos that goes with being me 

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  1. oldmamoon says:

    I really must work out how to insert a link properly *sigh*


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