Lost days….and a cute pic :)

What day is it today? Ah – yes, Thursday!! Well, on Tuesday morning I woke up with THE worst headache I have ever experienced. The kind that makes you clutch your head in your hands as it feels like your brain is going to come bursting straight through your skull. Even max dose of my usual fairly strong painkillers didn’t shift it. Nope, the only way out of this headache was sleep. And so I lost 2 days to it, only emerging from my bed when it finally abated at about 4pm yesterday. And I felt as rough as old string and as delicate as a kitten.

I have had migraines since I was 14, usually with the zigzagging lights and sometimes losing the power of coherent speech and/or use of part of my body. But this headache surpassed all of them. But here’s what I am wondering – about 6-8 weeks ago I started seeing a flashing light when I blinked in the right hand corner of my vision in my right eye. Dr sent me to the eye clinic who could find nothing wrong with my eye – all very healthy, which is good. And the eye Dr said it was an ‘ophthalmic migraine’. But – it was painless, so I was puzzled by her conclusion. Thing is, the flashes when I blinked which were just like the after image you get after looking at a light bulb, didn’t go away. They kind of morphed into an area of ‘falling snow’.

I am also going for nerve conductivity tests soon as I have permanent pins and needles in the ring and little finger of my left hand, which started the day before the thing in my eye. And – as puzzling for the Dr as it is for me, an intermittent sensation of something light touching me inside my left ear. And the interesting, and vaguely alarming thing is that while I had the headache, the pins and needles became complete numbness and the sensation in my ear became continuous.

So – I am wondering – are they all connected? Or was it just a coincidence?

Anyway – photos taken for a few items for ebay – just need to get them listed, which I plan to do this evening – Yay!!

This afternoon I sealed a felt flower ready to embed in some resin, and now that more measuring cups have arrived I can do some more 🙂

I also found some bargain Mica powder on ebay, as someone was having a clear out, and I found some sparkly iridescent eye shadow to experiment with as well, so it will be fun, fun, fun in a few mins when I have drunk this lovely cuppa tea 🙂

Oh – and here’s a picture of Mitch, being uber cute!

Ps – Nail arty pic – didn’t come out well enough for www exposure 😦 And demonic toilet – a whole saga all of its own, but its awaiting someone with rods to come and sort it at the weekend but in the meanwhile we are attacking the blockage via Mr Muscle.

Oh to be a cat !!!

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6 Responses to Lost days….and a cute pic :)

  1. Terry says:

    Do you use a heat gun with mica powder? I dont understand the process with jewellery making, but with card you stamp an image and then use mica over the top, and then heat it up so it gets really bright. I havent played with it myself yet and I just wondered if its worth it. Bearing in mind that I dont know where to stop when its shiny and sparkly. I’m bad enough armed with a can of spray glitter so I was scared of the mica LOL


  2. Terry says:

    just writing another comment so I can get email reminders (I forgot to tick the wee boxes)


    • oldmamoon says:

      Oooh, you’ve subscribed 🙂 Yay 🙂

      It’s actually completely different with what I am playing around with now. The mica powder gets stirred into the liquid resin – or sprinkled on ‘the back’ once the resin is in the mould. I tried opalescent pearl and blush blue yesterday. The blush blue has come out gorgeous, its a bit like mother of pearl. And the opalescent pearl isnt as opalescent as I would have liked, but it does look like pearl 🙂 The big disappointment with that one tho was I missed a small clump – didnt stir for long enough and it sank to the bottom while in the mould, so of course its now at the very front of the cabouchon.

      And its very much the same with the Accents stuff, coz at the moment I am using the PVA to seal items to embed into the resin, and for gluing to the back. I’ll try and get some photos done so you can see what I have come up with so far. I was planning a post on it anyway 🙂


      • oldmamoon says:

        ps – but I am planning to get some of the ‘bases’ you can get that are preformed for filling in with resin, and the accents stuff will be perfect for them, as its on the front 🙂


  3. Terry says:

    ah I see. I wouldn’t waste the accents for glueing (although you can), I’d use PVa for that too. Although ‘ve discovered two other types of adhesive recently, superglue gel and this mega sticky stuff which is fantastic. PVA sometimes lets me down because its doesnt hold things in place immediately.

    The accents stuff I only use for special things but its so smooth and shiny that you can actually make things like cameos with it 🙂

    Where do you get your resin from?


  4. paulD says:

    Ah, cute pic.


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