Possessed demonic toilets and other stuff….

After a rainy start to the day the sun is shining, birds are singing, and so it’s a good day to take the photos of some of the clothes I want to ebay. My camera took 3 hours to recharge !! So I didn’t get them done the other day, and yesterday I was laid up in bed again feeling dreadful for most of the day.

There is so much housework needs doing tho, if I do any crafting today I know I will feel guilty, but then if I don’t do any I will regret it *sigh*.

So, I will use my usual pattern of a bit here, then rest, a bit there, then rest etc and try and get a bit of everything done.

Demonic toilets!! Yes, I know it sounds bizarre – but our toilet isn’t flushing properly. Nothing goes down on first try, in fact the bowl fills with water, then slowly – painfully slowly – the water level drops, until there is no water left at all!! And if that wasn’t bad enough, last night it’s piece de resistance was to start making very loud gug gug gug noises as it began to spit unspeakable things back into the bowl!! Very strange. And more than slightly disturbing, I can tell you. We have an upstairs loo as well, so that’s ok, but I suspect the problem is in the main pipes and not the loo itself, but a friend is coming later with a bendy thing to try and sort it out, and if he cant, then we’ll have to call in the specialists.

Cats – well, Rory is at her most adorable when she fancies a bit of what you are eating, and this morning she wanted some of my redi-brek. Strange cat.

Mitch has taken to staying out all night chasing moths and then sleeping all day, and Zoe has once again managed to attract the local tom cats despite having been spayed at 7 mths old. We don’t mind her going out and tarting it up a bit, she has been vaccinated and cant get pregnant, but this year – the inconsiderate toms have decided to mark our house as their territory!!! Cheeky buggers !! It’s a good job we have a decent cat odour remover spray, coz its making Mitch and Rory all insecure, whereas zoe doesn’t seem to bat an eyelid. But why, oh why, dont owners get then neutered ????

Ok – cabochons…..mmmmmm……….yummy! Well, what does work well, is mixing glitter with pva glue and applying it in layers to the back, and gluing small pearlescent shaped sequins to the back covered with several layers of pva. Lovely effect 🙂

What doesn’t work so well – using pva to attach foil. That was a massive fail, both with the scratch off foil and the usual kind. However……I do have some nail adhesive for applying nail foils to my nails, so will give this a try next time. After all, fake nails are made of the same stuff as the resin, so why not?

And no, I don’t have fake nails myself – I just like prettying them up and playing with diff things. It could easily become an addiction, actually, as there are sooooo many possibilities.

I actually remembered to get a photo taken of last week’s nail arty attempt, so will get that posted up later. This week, I am attempting water decals – eek!! Fingers crossed I apply them ok, otherwise I might have to sulk a bit.

Mind you – having seen the aforementioned photo of my nails I was rather alarmed at just how ancient my hands look !!! Scary really. So I will be digging out my cocoa butter hand cream soon (coz it smells delicious), and keeping it in my bag. If it is in my bag I use it, if not……well, it could end up anywhere all lost and forgotten.

Right – best get on with stuff……

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3 Responses to Possessed demonic toilets and other stuff….

  1. Terry says:

    told you, get that glossy accents stuff. You can also get crackle accents. QVC sell them together and although not cheap, I think they go a long way and WELL worth the extra bit of dosh ……. http://www.qvcuk.com/ukqic/qvcapp.aspx/view.2/app.detail/params.item.587716.cm_scid.KeywordSearch


  2. oldmamoon says:

    I have had a look, Terry, but I can do very similar with good old PVA and the liquid resin – BUT as I get better and more adventurous at this, I may well invest in some for more funky effects. I quite like the sound of the crackle stuff 🙂


    • Terry says:

      I thought that Bab, but PVA glue isnt anywhere near as good. At least not with card craft. This is much smoother and way shinier, I lurves it. But I only use it for accenting so it goes a long way 🙂


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