I’m back !! With something new to play with…..


Well, It almost feels like I am starting this blog from scratch as it has been so long since I posted anything. But that’s ok, because in some ways I am starting again.

A quick recap – Kissmas wasn’t as we planned as we all got full blown flu. But in the last couple of months I have had a change of meds which seem to actually be helping this time, and also I think the good quality high multi vits and mineral supplement I am taking is also helping me to feel better.

The physical side – well, I still have 2 or 3 really rough and painful days each week when it’s best I stay in bed and sleep through the pain, but my better days do seem to be better – as long as I don’t do too much and remember to adjust my pain meds if needed.

Mentally – I’ve had a few really – seriously – dark times when I had just had enough. I saw the Dr who changed my meds and has referred me for CBT. I am very sceptical about this form of therapy tbh, but we’ll see.

But what has really perked me up this week is something I stumbled on when looking for different ways to bead around a cabochon. I watched a video on You Tube about the beading around, and the woman giving the tutorial mentioned she had made the giant – and very gorgeous – cabochon herself. I was intrigued and soon found her tutorial on how she does it. And that was it – I had to have me some of that particular brand of creativity, and so the hunt was on for resources, suppliers, hints and tips.

This wondrous new thing? Well, its not new generally – not even new to me either seeing as I got a kit of this for a present when I was 9 and only made 2 things that were mocked by my know it all big brother, which kinda put me off. But – 35 years later, here I am embarking on a new foray into my creative self. The magical substance is RESIN. Ahhhhhh, yes, that magical chemical reaction that turns liquid goo into something beautiful.

My gorgeous eldest daughter had been going to treat me to something from a Mind body and spirit fair on the Sunday, but I wasn’t up to going, so she presented me with some money to spend on this new adventure. And my adorable youngest daughter delayed her plans for the next day to hoik me round town in my wheelchair so I could hunt out the things I needed. We moved car parks twice to make sure we got to every shop that might possibly sell it, and I managed to get everything apart from the resin itself. Not even B&Q sold anything remotely usable. I ended up getting a small quantity online, and it arrived yesterday. I was sooo excited, I even posted on my FB status about getting something new to play with, a thing I don’t often do.

And come the afternoon, once a few essential housework tasks were seen to, I was sitting at my plastic covered kitchen table with all my lovely glitter and stuff spread out before me. It was really easy, and I found that half an ounce of the resin filled 6 small discs in the paint palette I had bought especially for the purpose at the enormous cost of 55p. I left 2 clear, and used a diff kind of glitter or sparkle in the other 4. It was a lot of fun.

After home made lasagne, tiramisu desert and a snuggle on the sofa with my littlun (she’s 20 lol) while we watched Fringe and Supernatural, we went to see if they had set properly yet. It appeared they had, but could we get any of them out of the mould? Nope – and we tried everything we could think of, even turning the mould over and bashing it with my marble bashy bit of my pestle and mortar. Eventually I cut in from the side with a hefty pair of scissors and managed to get one out – and found the edges were still a bit rubbery. So we left them and at 3am unable to stand the suspense any longer, I went back and managed to pop the rest out really easily – YAY !!!! I now have 6 small (approx 1 inch diameter) cabochons to practice diff beading techniques on. And two of them I am going to do things to the back of them to see what effect I get. One of them hasn’t turned out as I had hoped – the shiny bits I put in sank a bit too far down, but hey – for a first attempt, I am still really pleased. The rough edges have been sanded off, and they are now ready to use.

Today I attempt a much bigger cab, with a felted flower embedded inside – ooooh – excitement !!! LOL

It feels good this does, like a breath of fresh air through my brain. I have so many beads that haven’t been sorted yet – a veg trolley full to be exact, and discovering resin has made me actually want to get my hands on them and organise them into the rest of my stash. I might take a few photos as I go along – brighten up the blog a bit.

And that massive pile of stuff in the hall cupboard – what better incentive is there to get them listed on ebay to sell and raise some funds to buy more resin, and some of the very beautiful, but hard to find and not cheap pigments to experiment with.

Then of course there are all the muyuki beads I will need to buy for the bezels – much cheaper to buy from the US, even with postage, than from the UK. So sad that our stupid import duties boost the costs up to the extent that I need to take my tiny bit of business elsewhere. And I can’t be the only one – it doesn’t take long to compare prices on ebay between sellers. And while I prefer to support the UK economy as much as I can, being on benefits makes me a bit of a begger, and really – beggers have to be choosers of the cheapest possible in everything. *sigh*

So, lots of plus sized clothes and random assorted stuff going up on ebay over the next few days, in between my mixing and pouring. And no doubt some photos to follow.

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3 Responses to I’m back !! With something new to play with…..

  1. Terry says:

    BOO! Its me, Comf/Terry

    Tried to ring you earlier because the lad is due home soon so I doubt I’ll have any peace for the next few weeks. Thats the trouble with them being away most of the time, that when theyre home, you feel you have to ‘entertain’ them 🙂
    Anyway how funny because I’ve started my crafting too and am discovering far more intersting techniques than just cutting decoupage and sticking it to card and in my travels I found something called Glossy Accents by Rangers (I’m obsessed with a bloke called Tim Holtz who is their creative director and who makes the most fabulous stuff). Right so this stuff is wonderous and is PERFECT for bead making as well as ‘accenting’ parts of card craft. In fact there are many vids on you tube dedicated to it.
    Whilst your at it take a look at Tim’s (we’re on first name terms now ……….. not!) website because he does this distressing stuff that is fabulous and I’m learning at the moment how to achieve something less glittery and girly for my cards.

    Right onwards and upwards I guess and hopefully catch up with you soon. Still no news when Martyns away in hospital, but I reckon it has to be in the next few weeks.

    Take care sweetheart


  2. oldmamoon says:

    Hiya !!
    Nice to see you dropped in for a look 🙂 And I will gooogle that chap and peruse his site. I find You tube great for demonstrations of techniques, and since being ill I dont find written instructions that easy to ‘see’ in my mind’s eye, esp with knitting and crochet. But have you found that if you’ve tried something yourself from a video demo you always seem to do it slightly differently anyway ? Yesterday I tried something for one of these resin cabochons and it failed dismally PMSL. Seems I just dont have the knack for that particular thing.
    I’ve been poorly in bed all day so prob didnt hear the phone – I feel rotten and can hardly talk my throat is so sore 😦 But it would have been good to natter. Give me a ring sometime when the lad (does he mind being called that lol) is out or asleep or somet. And yes, keep me informed about Martyn – I bet he’s dreading it.

    Have you got a blog on here ? If not get one !!! The crafting adventures of comfrey 🙂

    Love you loads xxxxxxx


  3. Terry says:

    I always watch vids because most crafters write in gobbledygook. But something that I have discovered is male crafting. I know it sounds daft but every time I puck up a pen or a piece of card, glitter and fairies start buggering up my consciousness and I inevitably create something disgustingly girly and pink. I have no idea why this happens to me, it has to be something to do with genetics!
    But the boys have completely different techniques and they are often SO much more fun (and a damn sight messier :D) I’m having real fun getting covered in ink.

    I meant to say before though, with regards to the CBT, I dont think its a bad idea, I really dont (as you know) BUT please go with an open mind. If you dont you will sabotage any chance of it working. This isn’t a criticism at all because I know I do this. I have an ‘internal dialogue’ which subverts my chances of success and I end up setting myself up for failure before I even try.

    CBT helped me. It didnt cure me but it certainly helped, and I was one who was convinced I had to rake up every murky incident in my past and face it straight on before I could get anywhere near ‘normal’. It isnt true and I’m now a firm believer that sometimes the past belongs where it is ……….. in the past.

    Right time to get muckyb again, today I am using inks and water spray to try and distress a boring piece of card!

    Love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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