The Race Is On……

Yikes !! It will all too soon be Kissmas and as I have literally pennies left after all the essentials are paid for each month, it is going to be a kissmas of home made gifts. There is only one person I am struggling with what to make for them, mainly coz they are a man, altho I do have one idea, but it barely seems enough.

Everyone else I know what I am making, and have so far run into my first brick wall on a woven bead bracelet for my youngest. Then I remembered I do have the right ‘template’ for the design, but can I find it ? NOPE!! And this troubles me, because I usually at least have a vague idea of where things are – but the two places I thought this was have proved to be devoid of this essential item – aarrghh. The trouble with this scenario is that I then feel the need to go on a major hunt. Hmmm – this wouldnt be so bad except that as we get through the final bits of organising and unpacking from last year’s move, I realise now just how out of it I was with pain, and just how much of a hurry we packed up in.

But the end is in sight – finally. Not many more boxes to go through. The problem there is that we are almost out of places to put/store things (no garage) and this also troubles me, because this house may not have a garage, but it does have the big shed I bought when we moved in, and a hall cupboard, and even a hidden cupboard in the kitchen ideal for sweeping brushes etc, and a nice big shelf above, but that houses my iron and nothing else because it is so high and I am so short!!

But we perservere. My biggest problem with sorting and organising is that I might have 2 good days when I go for it, and get as much done as possible, and then I end up in so much pain the next day that I have to spend it in bed, and then another day or two taking it easy. Its a real nuisance. I am on day 2 of such a recovery period having done rather too much in one day. And each day that passes my frustration mounts just a little more.

Last night I had all 3 kitties on my bed with me, as Zoe has now realised that Mitch isnt a health hazard or a danger of any kind, and she now allows him up with us. Not near her blanket, of course, but Mitch isnt stupid – he shuns the blanket in favour of lying right up against me where he knows he will get a fuss.

The new arrangement of the living room has also provided an unexpected bonus for the cats – a circuit they can play chase around – in through the cat flap, through the kitchen to the lounge, behind my chair, behind the sofa, up onto the window ledge and out through the window. They do this several times before getting bored – or distracted – who knows. LOL.

One creative achievement recently tho, was a pair of long socks for my mum who has had lymphodema. Her legs have been terribly swollen – with 14 litres of fluid the specialists reckons – which is a huge amount!!! But because of all this swelling she couldnt get any shoes on, or socks. So I spotted a set of knitting looms in our local craft shop when on a hunt for something else, she chose a wool, and I set to. It was so easy. I worked out myself how to put a heel in – although I am sure there is a better method because it did create a couple of small ‘holes’ that I had to stitch afterwards, but it gave enough of a foot shape for me to then add some liquid rubber grippy stuff to so that she didnt slip whilst wearing them.

She has had 3 weeks of intensive and gruelling therapy on her legs and her legs are much improved, and I have found a pattern for crocheted slippers that is based on the actual dimensions of the foot. And I have some leather soles to stitch onto them so mum can wear these outside. She cant walk far at all, but she does walk from the house to the car with her walker so needs something on her tootsies now that its wet and cold.

So – the race is indeed on, because we are having mum and sis here for kissmas, and I want the house to look as lovely as possible, and I want to have an abundance of gifts for everyone. Well, I can try anyway. Only once before have I been this poor, and that was when the girls were little and I ‘renovated’ my old dolls house with such things as cocktail sticks as curtain rails and squares of felt for new carpet.

Anyway – there has been chaos and crafts, but not so much of the cats – so will include a couple of photos to help redress that imbalance.

Mitch being extra adorable when he was little

The girls watching Mitch playing and feeling too grown up to join in 🙂

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