Autumn is here and the fog is lifting :)

Well, it’s been way too long since I posted an entry here. I started off with all good intentions of recording my progress after my surgery etc, but found myself in a deep ‘fog’ for more months than I care to think about. However, that fog is now lifting – now that the long sunny days are over *sigh* – largely thanks to a change of meds.

So, a brief run down of changes since last time:

I can walk without sticks now, which seems like an absolute miracle compared to how I was this time last year.
I still get very tired very easily thanks to the FM, and if I have a ‘busy’ day I am fit for nothing the next day.
The final stages of sorting out the house has begun – YAY!!
My bargain pansies were an absolute show of colour and I bought a hydrangea to go in one of the big pots 🙂
The seed mats were a disaster – one only grew one plant, and the other grew plants that I wouldnt dream of putting in a hanging basket. We did however have a mammoth crop of cherry tomatoes from a hanging basket complete with sad looking tomato plant that I got half price.
I eventually got down on the floor and cleared the weeds in the paving with an old knife. We repainted the shed and half the side fence, and we were given some oblong york stone paving slabs that are at the end of the garden awaiting the repositioning of the plant pots with my spring bulbs in.
The pine TV cabinet is out the shed and in situ in the lounge, and very nice it looks too 🙂 And because my eldest’s little TV developed a permenant whistle, she now has our old TV – so problem solved 🙂
The shed is all tidy and organised, and I had a move around of my beads and craft stuff and that job is about 80% complete 🙂
So we havent been completely idle, the house does finally feel as if I am ‘getting there’ at long last 🙂

We have bought some paint !! We have a very pale soft green for the upstairs loo and plain old white for now to get rid of the horrible orangey peach in the hallway.
Oh to be nominated for 60 minute makeover LOL

Little kitten Mitch is growing and is now best friends with Rory. Zoe continues to hold herself aloof and won’t tolerate Mitch coming into her sphere of feline perfection.

I have just completed a new project too. My mum has lymphodema in her legs, and has them tightly wrapped with bandages most of the time. BUT this means she cannot get shoes on, or socks and so her toes get rather chilly. We ventured out to a shop in town that stocks lots of haberdashery and craft stuff, and I spotted a pack of knitting looms, and had a eureka moment!! Mum chose the yarn, a nice variegated deep purple in chunky weight, and I have loomed her a pair of long socks, complete with heel shaping and grippy rubber stuff on the bottom. She comes to collect them today so I hope she is happy with them. I will try and get a photo and post it later 🙂

Well, I am off now to do a few more bits in the kitchen, including an attempt at home made ice cream, once I have finished this lovely cup of coffee.
The weather here today is lovely – fresh and breezy with the faint hint of autumn in the air, but a clear blue sky and sunshine 🙂

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One Response to Autumn is here and the fog is lifting :)

  1. PaulD says:

    “Zoe continues to hold herself aloof and won’t tolerate Mitch coming into her sphere of feline perfection”

    See, its allways the females that cause trouble 🙂


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