In the mood…..

Ok, today I am in the mood for some sorting out and tidying up and I have been reading some of the many Flylady emails that have accumulated in my inbox, and it’s inspiring me further. So, why am I here, writing this ? Well, writing helps me clarify things to myself, and I am drinking a cup of coffee.

Clutter – usually taken to mean ‘stuff’ that has no purpose or meaning that clutters up an area, stuff that has no ‘home’ and makes the place look untidy.

So, working on that basis – what in my house is clutter?

Ok – my clothes – there is a large pile of clean clothes on the kitchen table. Why haven’t they been put away ? Because I want to put my chest of drawers upstairs in my room instead of the knacky old chest of drawers that is currently up there. This is because – mine is nicer and I paid a lot of money for it, plus I know I can get all my foldables in it, and it doesn’t make my clothes smell of wood! Also it is the right height for my mirror (which matches) for me to do my hair etc.

Why isn’t it upstairs already ? Because it is heavy and the stairlift gets in the way and because it is behind a load of stuff in the lounge. So – my clothes are essentially homeless for now, and I don’t do my hair, I just let it dry naturally and tie it back most of the time.

This also means my makeup etc is loitering messily in the bathroom – although I think that is where it might live. But also the dressing table set that was my Granny’s is still unpacked under the stairs.

Ok – paperwork – a large basket of it on top of two file boxes. I got part way through this job by shredding all the old stuff and collecting all the paperwork together, and that is where it has stopped.

Why? Because its tedious and because I am presently doing a good ostrich impression where my finances are concerned.

Other officey type stuff – in boxes in various locations because my chair hides the desk where they should live, and half the desk drawers are full of my stuff that should be upstairs in my room. I have a small chest of those plastic drawers and a rack waiting for them.

My beads and jewellery making stuff – mostly on shelves behind my chair but in need of a major organising session. I refuse to give these away or hide them away where they won’t be used, although I might consider selling ones that I now know I won’t use.

2 bin bags full of clothes I can’t wear – I bought these and only a handful of items fit me properly. These need to be ebayed really. I have already taken photographs of some, but haven’t kicked myself firmly enough up the backside to list them yet.

I have already talked about the TV in the kitchen that is still there as my other half hurt his back last week and I daren’t attempt the changeover, even with help from my daughters.

Various items that don’t have a home because of the above reasons and stuff that isn’t put away because of the general chaos.

I have to break this cycle – no doubt about it. But where to start? I think I need to not attempt to do any general cleaning while I re-organise, apart from cleaning as I go as part of the re-organisation, because I will waste my energy and get despondent if I do that.

Soooo – first off I am going to head upstairs with a tape measure and make sure that my lovely pine chest of drawers will fit where it needs to go, and if it does begin clearing the way for it to go up there. Maybe I can even use the stairlift to help me get it up there *laughs nervously*

That is the plan anyway – lets see how far I get before a) my plan becomes unworkable and/or b) my energy runs out and I am left with a house in even more chaos for everyone to come home to later *sigh*

*update* – my chest of drawers is ONE INCH to wide for the space!!!! Arrgghhh! Currently discussing with my youngest over msn of ways to get around this. I dont want to lose my bedside table you see. Arrrrgghhh!!!

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2 Responses to In the mood…..

  1. Paul says:

    “Why isn’t it upstairs already ? Because it is heavy and the stairlift gets in the way”

    You cant balance it on its end, on the stairlift and go up that way ?, LOL.

    I wont get onto subject of women and cloths, never understand the logic.


  2. oldmamoon says:

    Its a big pine chest of drawers, Paul. About 4.5ft tall. It needs 2 strong people to lug it up really.

    I think we have found a way round the dilemma, but it means moving the orientation of my bed, and that will take some getting used to 😦


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