The week in brief

This week has been a busy one. I was in hospital for a minor procedure on Tuesday, which involved a general anaesthetic, and it all went well, apart from the split lip and sliced tongue I woke up with. The extreme tenderness just under my jaw line almost ear to ear started to appear once I got home, and the comment that one of the Drs made that no one got punched in the face combined with being told I was almost conscious as I left theatre began to make some sense. I am pretty sure I fought them as they removed the tube from my throat. I certainly feel as tho I was restrained via the neck and my split lip is still swollen and sore.

But how come whenever you have something like that, you just can’t leave it alone?  Even when you aren’t thinking about it, your tongue absently strays to the sore bit, and aggravates it.

I felt a bit spacey and sleepy for a day or so, more from the painkillers they gave me than the GA, I think.  But it’s over now, which is good.

My lovely man has stayed with us this week, and it’s been lovely. The weather has also been nice and he nudged me into getting out into the garden, not only to enjoy the warmth and sunshine, but also to sort it out.

He has lent me his hot air weed killer, and that has been in use each day, gradually destroying the rampant weeds. And how soft am I, to be watching these little green things curl up and go black, and feeling bad about it ?  I used to use normal weed killer spray, but daren’t now we have the cats wandering about. But what is the difference from the weed’s point of view ? 

He strimmed, and mowed and scarified and I went round and filled 3 bin bags with stuff for the tip, and then I planted out my bargain pansies. I got 24 plants for 56p!! An absolute bargain especially as even the little shrivelled ones soon perked up after a good drink. It then took £12 worth of soil to pot them out!! But I now have 3 big planters filled with lovely colourful pansies that are already flowering.

Two Hanging baskets have also been done, using a seed mat in each. A new exploration into easy gardening for me. They didn’t cost much so it won’t be the end of the world if they don’t grow very well, I will just have to go hunting for more packs of plants they forgot to water!

But the garden is looking SOOOO much better now. We still have some long grass, but now we have a working lawn mower,  I can tackle that at some point soon. The two defunct mowers are on the pile for the tip!

Kitties !!!

A tiny wee furry one, currently sleeping across my leg, and a ginormous great gorgeous heffalump of another one. This is a conundrum. She is only 2, like her sister, but she is a BIG cat, and she doesn’t like the new kitten much at all.  Sometimes he pushes his luck with her, and she bats at him, sometimes they can eat side by side and sit side by side and she pays him no attention, but at other times – Ye gods!! She goes for him with a ferocity that is scary. He hasn’t been hurt yet, but he does seem very confused and is anxious for a while after. I am not used to introducing kittens into a group of established cats, you see. I have always brought adult rescue cats in, and normally to a lone feline. But we fell for this little guy who is part ragdoll, and I hoped my two would accept him. I do have moments of doubt tho. I guess we’ll just have to give it a bit more time.

So apart from getting up this morning to kitten cowering under the desk as heffalump kittie tried to savage him, we also woke up to a dead bird in the kitchen – half bald where the feathers had been pulled out, but no giblets, thank the starry skies. I don’t like giblets!! (my word for the inner sloppy bits of any living creature)

But having watched little kitten chewing on the corner of crust left over from my lunchtime butty, and knowing how fond cats are of grass, it makes me wonder two things – why do cats like bread ?  Its not a food stuff they would come across in the natural world. And also – why don’t they make mouse and grass flavoured cat food ?  Instead of lamb with vegetables and rice, type flavours. I mean, we once had a cat who we swore would one day try to drag a dead sheep through the cat flap, but how many cats would take down a lamb in the wild ?? And rice ??  *sigh*

It just seems very bizarre to me.

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  1. stormyme says:

    nice to catch up with your life xxxx


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