Circles…..or procrastination in its purest form ?

*sings* “The world is a circle without a beginning and nobody knows where the circle ends…….”

Hmmm – showing my age a bit there, maybe. But in my defence my mum used to like singing it, and I actually have no idea where that song comes from. However, it has been rattling round my head as I have contemplated today’s conundrum.

Not just today’s actually *sigh*

And it seems to be a major stumbling block for me in some ways – the circular, or spirally nature of certain things. In this particular case it is the removal of the jungle like weeds in the garden and the cutting of the near knee high grass. And getting this done is dependent on televisions and their stands.

Yep, I can feel the puzzled brain waves from here. So let me explain….

Currently, we have our old TV sitting in the kitchen and the stand for it is currently beneath the new TV. I want to Freecycle them together, and soon, as the TV really does get in the way. But I can’t do that until I have the new TV stand (pine with lots of storage) that I got from Freecycle out of the shed where it is currently stored. We got it and I gave it a good scrub and it got put in the shed as rain was threatening, and there it has stayed. It is sitting on top of a fish tank stand that was going to be Freecycled until my daughter bought an old TV cabinet with sliding glass doors that she is going to turn into a vivarium for her geckos which will stand on top of the old fish tank stand.

Hmmm – so, until she is ready to do that, which involves a sorting out of her room, and until we have 2 pairs of strong arms to do the TV and stand moving, I cannot get into the shed to get the lawnmower, which needs mending, and the weedkiller. *sigh*

The other side to all this is that I am having Littlun’s (she’s 19 but still my Littlun) canvas covered bookcase, once she makes room for the fish tank stand as it will be better to house the more unattractive aspects of my jewellery making stuff in the lounge. BUT I have to re-organise the current bookcases, which means shifting the boxes waiting to be unpacked in the hall, and also putting my beloved sega megadrive from its current home into the space in the new TV stand…..arrrgghhh!!!

Also in the household conundrums at the moment is carpeting. I was very lucky to answer a Freecycle advert for some carpet underlay, as we have carpet for Littlun’s room, but I haven’t been able to afford to buy new underlay for it, so its currently sitting in the bike shed, stopping me from accessing all the lovely shelf space for the putting away of general ‘stuff’. Anyway – turns out the underlay in question is only about 8 months old, and the lovely lady and gent I got it from also had more from the upstairs rooms, and some lovely carpet that is only 8 months old as well!! I was so excited to get this, some people really are so generous, it does your soul good to meet them. And it looks like I might have made a new friend too, which is a double blessing 🙂

So, we now have carpet and underlay for my Eldest’s room as well, and probably underlay for my little room too. It is still in the car, mind you, but that will also be going into the bike shed until we are able to get it fitted.

Meanwhile – the weeds continue to billow forth from every crack and crevice and my stone dragon gradually disappears from view as my guinea pigs can’t eat the grass quick enough.

And I looked around my kitchen today and my heart sank as it is not only untidy and cluttered with stuff that shouldn’t be there, but it is also looking grubby as a result *sigh*

But why this should act like some kind of weird paralysing agent to me doing other stuff I don’t know, to be honest. It’s not as tho I can crack on and get the major shifting around done by myself, and there is more than enough to do apart from this spirally dilemma, but I guess it’s a kind of weird reaction to not being able to instantly do what I want to do – weeding – so the stubborn sulky side of my subconscious sits and sulks.

Ah well, I will go and wash some dishes and put some washing on the line while we still have some sunshine, and contemplate the conundrum some more over a cup of tea.

My garden when we moved in last year.

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One Response to Circles…..or procrastination in its purest form ?

  1. Paul Ducksbury says:

    I’d sort of given up with freecycle after wife tried to sell some of her photographic stuff without success, so stuck it on freecycle and had over a dozen people after it and person who got it turned up in a bloody Range Rover !. I thought if you can afford a Range Rover you could bloody well afford to pay for the stuff.

    See i’m moaning already 🙂


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