Sorting it all out

It’s like this, you see – my illness ebbs and flows. Some days I feel really bad, and on those days I am fit for nothing. Some days (most, actually) I feel as though I haven’t had any sleep, and that gravity is twice as heavy on me than on anyone else. On these days I can manage a few things, and if I am doing something ‘big’ like going food shopping, then that is all I can safely do without repercussions in the following days.

And on occasions I get a day like yesterday. My eldest told me I was sparkly, so the sense of having energy spare must have been showing 🙂 I drove my daughter into college, drove back, washed up, sorted the next sink-full, made some lunch, fed the cats, sorted out 4 of my kitchen cupboards and filled a large bag with stuff for recycling. Then we had to take the kitten to the vets.

But all that doesn’t seem like much, really. But it was a lot for me. And today I can feel it. But it was just a drop in the ocean really.

This house is such a mess, and I am desperate to get it looking lovely – and feeling like mine. Thing is, the packing was done in a rush so we brought an awful lot of junk with us, and we have very little loft or other hidden storage space. So, in amongst all the stuff we want and need – is clutter. And I am a bit of hoarder. I am a great believer in ‘it might come in handy’. I think a lot of this stems from my Granny’s influence when I was little as she made use of all kinds of things we wouldn’t think twice about throwing away now. And I have been proved right on many occasions – usually the day after the thing we need has been chucked.

The worst one – my biggest regret was giving away an ‘heirloom’ bedspread that I had been crocheting since m eldest was born. We had very little money so I used to buy odd balls in the sales and then crochet them up. I had about 3 bin bags full of wool, and about a single sized bedspread worth of lovingly crocheted granny squares. But it had all been sitting up in the loft for a couple of years as I was a bit busy being depressed after my divorce, and then trying to get a degree and work etc, and so when we moved back to the city …………I gave it all to Oxfam *sigh*.

Anyway – when I had to stop working 2 years ago I came across Flylady, and loved the little emails she sent through the day, telling us all to go to bed coz we needed our sleep, and guiding us all through the process of decluttering and keeping our houses neat and clean. I really liked her approach and on one forum I was on it was described affectionately as ‘cleaning for cripples’, as the Flylady way of doing things for only 15 minutes at a time suited us FM sufferers down to the ground.

And I was winning the war at the old house – it was looking neater and cleaner than it had for ages. And then……….my back went, and I spent the next 4 months practically bed bound.

So, having moved in, and being unable to move for boxes, I thought ‘ I can do this at my leisure, no problem. 15 mins at a time’. Ok, in theory, but when only 3 weeks later I went in for surgery…..well, what with the morphine and the recovery etc I am here – 9 months later feeling like I am just beginning to get my act together. But at least I can walk again now 🙂

And so it begins – sorting it all out.

The house doesn’t help me much tho. Not having any flooring instantly makes it look shabby even when it’s been scrubbed. But new flooring will have to wait until I have decorated. No use spending money on lovely floors and then accidentally splashing paint on them.

And all the main rooms need re-decorating. The woman who lived here before loved squares. There are squares in every room, on every wall, in some form or another, and I am much more a circles kinda girl.

It’s all just taking so flipping long though – because I just don’t have the energy nowadays. Last time we moved I took a week off work after, and even with bronchitis I had everything unpacked and organised within the week, it was great. Not so this time.

Still, baby steps as Flylady would say – a bit at a time, and I will get there. At least now I have 4 very organised kitchen cupboards. One more thing done and dusted.

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3 Responses to Sorting it all out

  1. It is so hard to keep up with the house, when you have chronic pain. Some days I can do nothing at all. The days I feel pretty good, I try to do as much as possible to make up, but then I end up really exhausted.

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    • Moongazer says:

      Cor Blimey! This was one of my first posts on my blog 🙂
      It is hard. Even doing the daily minimum is hard.
      Have you looked at Flylady, Annie? Your girls might be able to work with the Flylady method too, to help you out. She can be a bit……overtly Christian, but I just ignore that lol

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