Typical British Bank Holiday

Morning to the world on this May Bank Holiday 🙂

My first blog post, and today’s conundrums are : Why has my fringe decided to suddenly grow faster on one side ? Why is there an empty green flower trough in the middle of the car park outside ? And how come teenagers can wade through rubbish and just not register its presence ?

It must be a bit like when we lived out in the country and some mice found their way into the house via the cooker hood vent, and our cat just sat and watched them as if they were part of the family, yet if he found a mouse (or rabbit) outside it was prey to be caught, eaten and generally decapitated. Hmmmmm…..conundrums.

We were going to head for the local car boot sale for a wander around, but after only 4 hours sleep, even though I woke up feeling reasonably refreshed, I looked outside at the rain, felt the blast of icy air through the vented window and thought “nah”. Not today.

So, what is on today’s agenda? Tidying up, I guess. That is the biggest, most pressing need. It seems like I begin to make a dent in things, have a couple of bad days for one reason or another and then turn around and the place looks like a tornado has blown through when I wasn’t looking.

Eldest daughter is back safely from a night on the town last night with some friends, youngest is still in bed (well they say teenagers need as much sleep as toddlers) and I must eat something.


Well, I didnt get much tidying up done, but the cats now have litter, the guinea pigs now have dry food, the hoover has bags, and I do have a clean, shiny and mould free bathroom, and a very sore back 😦 but yay! The day wasnt a complete disaster.

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